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slab foundation repair frisco tx

There are some home improvement repairs that make you cringe at the very thought of them. Roof repairs, AC replacements, termites, damage to your sewer system, and last, but certainly not least, foundation repairs. Not only are they costly but if not properly addressed can cause other problems for your home. Foundation problems are caused by the continuously changing conditions of the soils around your home. Expansive clay soil, like we have in Texas, is particularly problematic as it expands as it absorbs moisture, and contracts as it dries. That can cause foundations to move, settle and crack. But how do you know if your home is showing signs that it’s time to repair your foundation?


Cracks Inside and Out
Cracks are one sign that it’s time to repair your foundation. Each season in Frisco, TX it is important to walk around the inside and outside of your home and inspect it for cracks in the exterior or interior structure. Inside you will want to look for displaced or cracked moldings, cracks in walls or bows in walls, cracks in the floor, and cracks in your floor tiles. Outside the house check the foundation all the way around your home. If you see any cracks either inside and/or outside, it is time to contact a foundation repair professional for an evaluation.


Problems With Your Doors or Windows
Your doors and windows will also have a story to tell if your foundation needs to be repaired. Have your doors or windows been giving you trouble lately? Maybe they’re jamming or sticking when you try to open them? Maybe they won’t even close fully? These are sure signs of a foundation shift. When you start experiencing these issues, take a step outside and check these areas from the exterior as well. Is there a crack running up the side of your wall? Are there gaps around the doors or windows? Be aware of these issues and take note if a crack continues to expand. Remember, all of the windows and doors throughout the home should fit snugly in place — neither too tight nor too loose. Even when foundation damage isn’t to blame, homeowners should fix these problems right away. Improperly fitting doors and windows often lead to uncontrolled heat loss and unusually high utility bills.


Bulging Floors
When you moved into your home, were your floors even and flush with the walls? Hopefully they were. If they’re not flush today, then you might have an issue. Uneven floors are a good indicator that your home is experiencing a foundation problem. If you think your floors are shifting due to foundation issues, check to see if there is warping of any hard-wood floors you have. Or if tiles are lifting or cracking. Do you see bulging or sagging sections throughout your home? Are there uneven wear-marks on the carpet? Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to see uneven floors until it becomes a big problem – especially when carpeted; however knowing what to look for is important for early detection.

Happy Home, Happy Life
Keeping your home happy and healthy will save you a lot of heartache and money. Proper care of your Frisco TX foundation is very important in preserving the integrity of your structure. Clay soils like we have in many parts of Texas have the ability to expand (when wet) at alarming rates. Proper care of your foundation requires that an even and relatively constant level of moisture be maintained in the soil supporting the foundation. Defects in foundations occur when the supporting soil is too wet or too dry or when one area around the foundation is overly wet while other areas remain dry. Improper foundation maintenance can result in severe movement in just a few days. This is true regardless of the type or age of the foundation, so it is important to keep the above warning signs in mind and be proactive in inspecting the interior and exterior of your home with the change of each season. If you need some additional help, we here at Cornerstone Foundation Repair are always available to give you insight with a free quote.