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Structural Engineers

When engaging with a foundation repair company, it is paramount that you are paired with a structural engineer. Many times the foundation company will pair you with one of their many engineering partners. A common practice we see many times is an engineering firm and/or foundation company all under the same roof. While this is not illegal it definitely comes with some red flags.

This is why we do not employ our own in-house engineers. We always partner with a third-party engineering firm to verify our plan and execution of the scope of work. The largest reason for this is ensure our work is approved by a lisence engineer but also to have the best interest of our clients.

If you approach Engineer Company A and they tell you your home requires foundation repairs but they themselves are employed by a foundation company, that might raise some questions.

While we have worked with a variety of engineering firms there are definitely a few that stand out above the rest. If you ask us for a reccomendation, we like to be able to give you options. The following companies are ones that we believe go above and beyond in the quality of their work and in their integrity:

  • Kent Schlager with Gregory H. Wilson Engineering
  • Ed Watkins with Plano Engineering Corporation
  • Crosstown