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How Does Drainage Affect My Home Foundation?

How Does Drainage Affect My Home Foundation?

How Does Drainage Affect My Home Foundation?We’ve recently seen a decent amount of rain in the North Texas area. Are you maintaining an even moisture level around your home?  

Foundation Drainage

Maintaining an even moisture level around your home is paramount to the health and longevity of your foundation. Whether you live in a home with an on-grade-slab-foundation or a Pier & Beam.   In North Texas we live on what is referred to as expansive clay soil. What this means is that when the ground is wet the soil expands or rises. When it is dry it contracts or sinks. Too much water is equally problematic. When the soil becomes too saturated it turns to mush. Think of a patch of mud on a sidewalk. If you step in the mud your weight will leave a footprint. Now imagine a house on top of a big mud pile, that’s right the house can begin to sink too.  

French Drains

The term French Drain gets kicked around a lot in our industry. The truth is there are a lot of different types of drain systems you can attempt to install around your home. A popular but ineffective method is an area drain. An area drain can often be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes and only addresses surface water in that one specific area. Often times the water will just sit in the drain until it evaporates, this can lead to pesky mosquitoes.   We recommend the use of what is known as a Deep French Drain. Deep French drains are specially designed trenches where a perforated pipe is wrapped in a special cloth that prevents soil and debris from clogging the drain holes. The pipe is then covered in gravel. This method allows for a three pronged solution.   1. Removes the water from your home that collects and puddles above ground 2. Removes the water that has gathered below the ground 3. Manages the overall moisture level of your home’s foundation  

Do you need a French Drain?

If you notice any signs of foundation problems or have water leaking into your basement or crawl space, give us a call at 972-905-9995.   We’d be more than happy to inspect your home and help you find the right solution!

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