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McKinney TX Foundation Repair Tips For Homeowners

McKinney TX Foundation Repair

McKinney TX Foundation Repair

If you’re searching for McKinney TX foundation repair he 2 most common foundation types in Texas are the pier and beam foundation and the slab foundation. Each has distinct features. Regardless of the size of your house, it’s important that you know the type of foundation it’s built on so that it can be properly maintained and repaired.

The pier and beam foundation and the slab foundation are the 2 foundation types for homes in Texas. McKinney TX foundation repair companies will know the difference. They are distinct from each other. In case you want to maintain or repair your foundation, it’s important that you figure out which type your home stands on.
Pier and a beam foundation

A home with a pier and beam foundation has a system of wood, concrete or steel piers dug into the earth. This system supports a framework of steel or wooden beams that in turn support the structure of the house. Unlike a slab foundation, the pier and beam foundation has a space (called crawl space) which is at least 18 inches high. Whenever a plumbing problem arises, the handyman uses this space to do repairs with little or no disruption and damage to your home.



Pier and Beam Foundation Issues

A well-structured pier and beam foundation will tend to have fewer problems and repairs compared to any other foundation. However, there are some problems that you (the homeowner) should be aware of;

Moisture – If there is poor drainage of rain water then the moisture can lead to molding or even sinking
Rotting wood – any compromised wood pieces need to be replaced
Sagging – If the beams are not even spaced during construction then the weight of the house becomes heavy and leads to sagging.


If you notice gaps between the interior walls and floor or cracks in the drywall or unleveled door frames or sagging floors, contact a pier and beam foundation repair expert to inspect your home and recommend appropriate repair options.



Pier and Beam McKinney TX Foundation Repair Experts

At Cornerstone Foundation Repair, you’ll find specialists in inspection and repair of pier and beam foundations. Their experienced and well-trained staff will visit your home, identify any issue and offer a free repair estimate. Don’t let pier and beam repairs turn into costly damage to your property, let the experts at Cornerstone Foundation Repair help you.


Slab Foundations

The slab foundation became popular in the late 1960’s as is proof by the homes built since that era. Homes with slab foundations have concrete poured over a framework or reinforcing steel called rebar. Building this foundation involves the use of footers or beams. These are trenches dug into earth to reinforce stability.

A slab foundation is less susceptible to flooding and molding in comparison to the pier and beam foundation. In addition to this, their low point of gravity makes them more stable.


Slab Foundation Issues

A slab foundation, just like any other foundation type has its fair share of issues. A regular inspection of the foundation should warn you of any problems. This way, your home has a strong foundation to last decades. The last thing any homeowner wants to have to Google is the 4 words: McKinney TX foundation repair.


Soil – In McKinney Texas, there is moisture variation which implies that the soil has fluctuations. it expands and contracts throughout the year. This stresses the foundation.
Landscaping – large trees growing around your home can disrupt the foundation. They also drain moisture from the soil causing the foundation to unsettle.
Plumbing – Inaccessibility to plumbing and gas fixtures is one of the leading issues reported on slab foundations. This type of foundation does not have a crawl space which implies that should there be a need to do some repairs then a big challenge arises.
Drainage – poor planning of drainage ways during construction can pose a problem.


If you notice the following then contact a slab foundation expert to inspect the foundation and recommend control measures;
(i) Cracks in the foundation, sheetrock, bricks or walls
(ii) Uneven window and door frames
(iii) Bulging walls
(iv) Creaky or a bouncy floor



Slab McKinney TX Foundation Repair Experts

At Cornerstone Foundation Repair, you’ll find experts specializing in inspection and repair of slab foundations. The experienced and well-trained team will review your foundation, look for issues and offer you a free repair estimate. Don’t let slab foundation issues deprive you of peace of mind, let the experts at Cornerstone Foundation Repair do the work for you. You are not only guaranteed of a solid foundation but also get value for money.

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