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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Tips For Frisco TX

pier and beam foundation repair frisco txDifferent types of foundations will benefit from their own forms of foundation repair serving Frisco TX. Your contractor should be able to make the necessary repairs, but the actual process will vary depending on the type of foundation in question.

Your pier and beam foundation keeps your home level and prevents walls, floors, doors, and windows from sustaining damage due to shifting soil. If your existing piers are still in decent shape, your contractor may use them to adjust the level of the home. While the foreman checks door openings and measures the level, jacks will be placed at certain lift points. If it turns out that the existing piers don’t provide the right amount of support, your contractor might dig a new footing and fill it with strong concrete.


If left uncorrected, minor problems with pier and beam foundations can cause extensive damage to your home that require costly repairs. Our Richardson foundation repair company is committed to stopping further damage and restoring your residential or commercial foundation to its original pre-damaged state. With our expert services coupled with engineer inspection and service warranty, your home will be resting on a piers that are stronger than ever before!

We can help repair or maintain:
-Pier and beam foundations
-Steel piers
-Block and base piers
-Cedar posts
-Concrete posts
Payment Plans are Available
If you are looking for an affordable solution for pier and beam foundation repair that will save you significant costs and hassle in the future, this may be the perfect option. From cracked to sinking properties, we can determine the extent of the damage and provide quick and comprehensive repair that will put your home on solid foundation once again. Payments plans may be available! Call us now at (972) 905-9995 for more information about our Frisco, TX foundation repair services!

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