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Slab Foundation Repair in Frisco Answered!

Slab Foundation Repair in Frisco


Q: What is a slab foundation?


A: Before the concrete for the slab is poured, a layer of gravel 4 or 6 inches thick is added to the top of the soil, and a 4-millimeter sheet of plastic goes on top of the gravel. Slab foundation repair in Frisco is vital since many of your homes utilities are lying within the concrete. Have you ever tried to repair a leaking pipe within your concrete that has busted due to the concrete finally sinking low enough to cause the damage? It’s not pretty!


The main part of the concrete slab that goes on top of the plastic and gravel is 4 to 6 inches thick, while the concrete around the edges is formed into a beam that’s about 2 feet deep. Slab foundation repair in Frisco takes into account all of the engineers notes for the foundation so that the structure is properly evened. Wire mesh measuring 6 inches by 6 inches, along with steel reinforcing rods, is embedded in the concrete.


The foundation is said to “float” on top of the ground, and the deeper concrete around the edges keeps it in place. Now if you need slab foundation repair in Frisco, you can be a bit more educated when receiving quotes from foundation repair companies in Frisco.

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