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Best Winter Foundation Repair Dallas Tips

Winter Foundation Repair Dallas Tips

Best Winter Foundation Repair Dallas Tips

The Winter Season is closing in and the change in weather conditions can effect your home’s foundation. In Dallas, the cold winters can cause foundation problems in Dallas so we created a list of things to lookout for.


Foundation Cracks

Small hairline cracks in your home’s foundation are a common occurrence in most homes. However, the freezing weather that occurs in the winter can accelerate these cracks. If there is too much moisture in the ground, it can freeze and expand, which can add pressure to your foundation walls. Excessive pressure can cause cracks to form and expand, which weakens the structural integrity and can lead to water leaks.


Frozen Discharge Line

In homes with a sump pump, you should check your discharge line often to be sure the line is not frozen. Sump pumps are vital to ensuring your crawl space or basement doesn’t flood. The discharge line pumps the excess water to away from your home. But if the line freezes, the water is forced back into the home. Be sure the line is sloped away from the house so that water will not pool near the foundation. This will also help the line to not freeze. Foundation repair Dallas can be a big mess if you have this problem occur!


Excessive Moisture

In areas that receive a lot of snow (which Dallas randomly does [or ice storms]) sometimes the foundation issues will not occur until the snow melts. Once the snow melts, the excess water built up in the soil can seep into the basement. If you notice any signs of foundation problems or have water leaking into your basement or crawl space, give us a call at 972-905-9995.


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